Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Can you believe that my Mum took this photo.  It was all her fault that I chewed through Dad's phone charger cord.  SHE was playing GAMES on the computer and thought I was asleep hehehehe.

Mum said I was lucky that all my hair wasn't standing on end.

Mum & Dad won't let me sleep in their bed. so for the last couple of night, I have been crying and crying AND crying.  I was sure they would come and put me into their bed. NOPE they just left me there sob!!!!  How could they resist my cute little face.

My cousin Chip has been around twice now.  He is bigger than me but when he got my rope toy, I wasn't going to give in to him.  He was growling at me something fierce but I was NOT afraid - I won and raced to my bed with it and when Mummy said something to me, Chip sneaked in and grabbed my toy.  Next time I WILL NOT be distracted.

 I had my first outing last night as it was Naths birthday, so we had take way and went up to the lighthouse to eat it.  (Mum brought my own dinner with her).  The wind was blowing and I was starting to shiver when I had nearly finished my dinner, so Mum picked me up while she was still eating,  it smelled so good that I managed to get a couple of licks in hehehehehe then Mum ended up with the dressing on her shorts. Dad wasn't too happy but it tasted nice.

I went for my first walk on the lead, I HATED it. Dad said I did GOOD, but Mum didn't think I did as I kept getting her tangled up.

I am off to get my first check up at the vet's this afternoon.  Mum said not to worry,  but I am very very worried. Mum said vet's are nice people who love puppies.  I hope she is right.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Home

Hi my name is Desmo. I am a cute, lovable, handsome and cuddly (that is Mum & Dad say anyway) mini short-haired harlequin dapple dachshund.
trying out my new bed

Mum said I could follow in the family tradition of having my own place to tell everyone what I get up to.  Already I have Mummy, Daddy and Nathan wrapped around my little paw hehehe.

Mum & Dad tell me I am SPECIAL cause I was born on the 19th September which is their wedding anniversary date.

I traveled all the way from Sydney to be in my forever home.  I was so scared as I didn't know where I was going and when I first met Mum I was so nervous I peed, but she picked me straight away and kissed and cuddled me. She didn't care that I peed everywhere.

I think I am going to like living with my new family.